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Longmead House

Longmead House Access Statement

Lynton is a beautiful area situated on the rugged coast of North Devon that offers certain challenges and limitations which might prove to be important when choosing a destination for your holiday or break.The main driving roads are dual lanes but narrow, many local roads are narrow and often single lane, which can be challenging for drivers of larger vehicles.The general terrain around Lynton & Lynmouth is very hilly, including Lynton which is perched on a cliff with several steep slopes for walking.

Fortunately, Longmead House is one of the few properties in Lynton that is accessed by a level road and path and is situated off Longmead leading to the Valley of Rocks. We have a level access gravel car park with space for 8 cars. There is a gravel driveway and paved path leading from the driveway to the front door across the garden. There is also access through a front gate and one step to the front paved path directly from the road to the front door entrance and hallway.

Ground floor rooms

The entrance hall and toilet have a slate tiled floor and  level access and there is one small step up into the corridor to the rest of the ground floor rooms (guest lounge and dining room). Due to the age and limitations of the building there are no downstairs bedrooms or lift to the first and second floors. All guest bedrooms are situated on the first and second floors. The ground floor hallway is carpeted, the guest lounge has wood block flooring and the dining room has laminate flooring. 

The first floor is accessed by a carpeted staircase with 13 steps to the landing . The second floor is accessed by a second carpeted staircase with 12 steps which is steeper and narrower. Both staircases have one banister rail and a moulded rail to hold on as you ascend / descend. 

We are more than happy to assist people with carrying their luggage to their room. Please ask for assistance if you require it. 


All Bedrooms are carpeted and bathrooms either tiled or vinyl flooring. 

First floor:  ( room 1, 2, 3 and 4)    There are 4 bedrooms of varying size and layout. 3 out of the 4 have en-suite bathrooms with either  in showers cubicles with a small step up to the shower tray or baths with showers above. Room 4 has access to a separate bathroom across the landing with a spacious double cubicle shower and toilet facilities.

Second floor:  ( rooms 6, 7, 8 and 9)   The upper floor and rooms are built into the eaves and have lower ceilings and exposed beams, making the doorways lower and the room sizes variable. Room 7, our Classic Double has a hand-held shower attachment with a bath en-suite. All other rooms have a walk in or step into shower cubicle en-suite facility.

All the bedrooms have flat screen TVs with remote controls and subtitle functions. There are in room guides with emergency exit details and smoke detectors. There are smoke detectors in both communal areas and guest bedrooms. The fire alarm is a loud  bell / claxon sound for emergency usage. All In  room guidance and forms are printed with 14 point text. Please let us know if you require a larger text version. 


Each rooms has both central lighting and bedside lights, with energy saving bulbs Each bedroom has a small pencil torch light in the bedside cabinet for additional  emergency lighting. Emergency lights are situated in all the hallways and stairs and are illuminated in the event of an emergency highlighting the emergency exit route. 

Please contact us if you have any other queries.