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Autumnal Pumpkin Knitting Pattern

I often like to knit in the evenings and I have a pattern that is very suitable for October. If you want an everlasting pumpkin that is reusable andsustainable for decorating the house then why not knit one, two or even a pumpkin patch.You can use up some odd wool that you may have lying around or use avariegated wool , which I found is is ideal. If you add some googly eyes or some cobwebs threads you could create some Spooky ones for Halloween decorations.

I used a variety of coloureddouble knit and chunky wool that I had left over. Including a couple using some variegated wool which created some lovely shaded pumpkins in a range of autumnal coloursand sizes to make my pumpkin patch. You can knit and stuff them with toy stuffing or if you can't get this , then you could use old socks or tights as alternate stuffing.

Here is the pattern - You can use any autumnal coloured wool either Double knit or Chunky works best.
Needles Size 4mm or UK size 6 circular needles
Cast on 30 stitches
Leaving a 10 inch tail and in Main Colour
1st row Knit 2 ( K2) , Purl 1 (P1) around 30 stitches
2nd row K1, Increase 1 , K1 , P1 repeat stitches in boldaround to end ( result 40 stitches )
3rd row K1 , Increase 1 , K2, P1 repeatstitches in bold around to end( result 50 stitches)
4th row K4, P1, Repeat this row for until work measures approx. 4 – 4.5 inches in length ( dependent upon how big you want to make your pumpkin.
Next row K1, K2tog, K1, P1 repeat stitches in bold to end of row( reduce stitches to 40)
Next row K2tog K1 P1 repeat stitches in boldto end of row ( reduce stitches to 30) cut yarn leaving a tail of to weave in.
Continue with alternate colour to make stem .
Put a brown tail on a yarn needle and slip through the stitches on needle and pull tight closing the hole . Slip through stitches again to help secure it and remove needle . Weave in loose end.
Stuff the pumpkin firmly with toy stuffing before tightening the hole
Thread orange tail on yarn needle and work through stitches and then start cinching it up. ( if you need a little more stuffing now is the time to do it) Thread through stitches again to tighten it up and close the hole with a few stitches if necessary.
After you have cinched up the bottom squeeze the pumpkin at the top and bottom making sure needle is in centre of bottom and push it back through top and pull through. This will secure the fastening and give the pumpkin its natural squashed shape. Secure itand weave in loose ends.
Using stem colour ( brown) cast 5 stitches onto needle and k1 , P1 repeat rows untilwork measures approx. 1.5 inches in length. Bind off and sew up length and attach to top of pumpkin with a couple of stitches through the top and base.