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Beach Treasures

Collecting beach treasures

Walking the beach most days with the dog means that I have seen a mass of flotsam that the winter tides have brought up on to the beach at Lynnmouth.I have collected several bags of plastic waste that has washed up and re placed it back into the litter / recycle bins once again. With a plea to the eco gods that this time it does not find its way back into our oceans.

I prefer to scavenge other treasures – I always pick up fragments of sea glass that often washes up on the beach. You have to have a keen eye to spot the pieces of glass amongst the pebbles.These finds always cheer me up, and make me consider where they started from. I have yet to find a whole message in bottle.

It is always a challenge to spot the tiny fragments of glass,you can often tell how long it has been in the sea , if it has been ground down by the sand and pebbles it usually goes a bit opaque.It is exciting to find a variety of colours , green, brown and if you are reallylucky blue. Along with the sea glass I have occasionally found small pieces of patterned tiles, which I also collect.

These beautiful beach treasures can be used in a variety of ways, I have placeda number of larger pieces on the windowsill in the dining room in a random formation just as décor. I was lucky enough to learn how to make silver wire jewellery from an expert. There are more processes to make the sea glass more burnished and clean to use in jewellery, never the less I was pleased with my attempt and you can see just how unique these designs are with every piece being slightly different in shape, sizeand hue.

You can create collages and pictures from the glass fragments,making either random patterns and picturesfrom the shapes as you can see by this lovelyheart. Let your creative imagination flow….You can find more professional pictures and jewellery made from these lovely beach treasures fromlocal artists at the Lynton and Lynmouth Craft Centre .