Welcome to Longmead House

Quinn is now 6 months old

Well Quinn is now 6 months old and we can say that he is settling well. As you can see from the picture above he has finally passed his basic training class at Puppy school. Not quite with flying colours but he did manage to learn the basics and we are still practising every day at home.We have been using a variety of treats to continue practising his obedience commands which he responds to well – he has now mastered the sit, stand and lie down. As everything is relatively new and exciting, he is stilllearningthe stay and wait and his recall can be a bit erratic especially if there is a more exciting smell trail to distract him!However we have discovered that he responds well to a dog whistle when he is following a trail off the leash and comes back to us well. We still have some work to do with walking on a loose leash as he is usually excited and in a 'hurry up' mode so often pulls us along. Melanie's arm is being stretched and will grow by a couple of centimetres soon. [Melanie is looking for clothes and jackets with asymmetric arms]

Like all puppies he is growing fast and developing his little personality. We have introduced him to many of the other local dog walks around Lynton and Lynmouth. He is becoming more familiar with the trails up and around Hollerday Hill opposite us on our daily walks.

He loves romping around the beach (both the shingle beach at Lynmouth and the sandy beach at Woolacombe).Like most youngsters he is chewing everything in sight and has already destroyed a soft toy that we have bought for him, pulling all the stuffing out! So now what was a fluffy duck is now sad, flat duck with no stuffing.

Nick’s slippers seem to be very attractive for him and many of our socks and lower trousers legs now have holes in them! I have had to source toys that are mainly rubber and fairly in destructive for creative play and to save our shoes and furniture legs from teeth marks.

As a collie, as well as having boundless energy, he is inquisitive and fairly quick to pick up new things. So, we have given him a couple of puzzling toys where he has to work out a way of getting the hidden treat from inside. He has also found that sliding things across the laminate and slate floor of our accommodation give him hours of fun. He also slides down embankments and slopes when we are out walking pushing the dead leaves and twigs with his front paws, like an excavator.