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Best Tastes of Exmoor 

As well as the well known tasty treats that you can indulge in when you visit Devon such as clotted cream tea ( Beware you need to know if it is cream or jam on top),fudge and the Devon Pasty.We have so many local ingredients and produce right here on Exmoor. Our monthly Lyn Valley Market based at Lynton and Lynmouth Town Hall,has a range of local providers selling their wares direct.

 You won’t find these items in the supermarkets but can often source them in our local shops and of course direct from the source.The South West is famous for its cider, clotted cream, lamb, game and soft fruit but here are a few other ingredients that we would recommend you try for yourselves.

Here are a few of our favourite that we try and include in our breakfast and supper platter offerings 


Whortleberry is the West Country name for a wild berry related to the Blueberry found growing across Exmoor and Dartmoor. In other parts of the country they are known as Bilberries. The plant produces small round fruit which eaten raw can taste verytart, but are great for making jam and chutneys

They have been harvested on Exmoor for centuries and are ready to pick at the end of July and early august.  Melanie includes Whotleberry chutney in her supper platters so you can taste this for your selves.  She has also found the recipe below as a way of using the fresh fruit when it is available. You can always substitute the fresh fruit for whortleberry jam. 

Apple and Whortleberry Pie

Why not try this as an alternative to the traditional apple pie. Clotted cream as an accompaniment is a must !

I always use ready-made shortcrust pastry mainly because its more convenient and works 100% of the time.

You will need


1lb/500g Bramley apples
4oz/100g whortleberries  ( if you can't source these then substitute with blue berries or add a few dollops of whortleberry jam to the cooked apples) 
1 pack of ready-made shortcrust pastry

·Peel core and slice the apples and cook gently in a saucepan with the whortleberries, sugar and 1 tablespoon of water until the fruit has softened. You can add a small pinch of cinnamon for extra taste.

·Roll our the pastry circle to fit your pie dish

·Transfer the fruit mixtureto your prepared pie dish and top with the pastry

·Cook for 20 minutes at 200C/400F/Gas Mark 6.

·Serve with clotted cream , custard or ice cream on the side .

Exmoor honey

 You will often see hives dotted across the moors so that the bees can collect the pollen from the Ling Heather ( the purple one) which gives the honey its distinct strong taste with a golden thick luscious texture and  a powerful aromatic flavour.   Melanie sometimes uses this as one of her ingredients for her homemade granola ( See Longmead House Granola recipe blog). To find out more about Honey and Bees why not visit Quince Honey Farm at South Moulton for all things Bees. 

It is said that Exmoor Heather Honey has the same rejuvenating and health benefits as the popular Manuka honey. Honey has long been associated with health-boosting and healing properties. Historic medical accounts show it being used to treat sore throats, small wounds and minor burns. It’s been cited as improving digestive issues and even preventing tooth decay. Not sure about all those claims but we just like the flavour. 

South West  Cheeses    

There are many South West producers such as Sharpham, Quickes, and Ticklemore  all based across Devon 

Being a rural county it is rich in  dairy farming which supports the production of milk, cream and of course cheese all of  which is produced across Devon, Somerset, Cornwall and Dorset. We are spoilt for choice as there are many award winning cheeses to choose from.  A couple of the local shops stock several varieties of the South West producers so we can purchased these  for ourselves.  If you have had one of our supper platters you will know that Melanie includes a selection of Devon and South West cheeses for you to taste.

Here are a few of our favourite cheeses that we try and include in our platters :Vintage South West cheddar, Somerset Brie, Smoked Devon red, and Devon blue. Occasionally we can find a couple of examples of  goats and sheeps cheese.

Sharpham Brie is a soft cheese made from raw cows milk and vegetarian rennet. The texture is gooey and creamy when it is ready to eat and it tastes buttery and soft.

Devon Blue cheeseis a semi hard cheese made using pasteurised milk from local farms , it has a clean buttery flavour anddense, moist andcrumbly texture. In order for the blue mold to develop it needs to mature for 6 – 8 months.

Smoked Devon red Cheese is a hard red cheddar cheese with a smoky flavour unique to Devon

Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic beverages and brews 

To wash down all these lovely tasty treats, we also have both micro breweries and distilleries around the county and across Exmoor. Locally you will find bottles of gin by the Wicked Wolf and Exmoor Gin companies. As well as a range of beers, and ales from Exmoor Ales and our local Microbrewery Fat Belly.  

If you don't drink alcohol then you will find Exmoor Tea company based at Dulverton.  We use these at breakfast and in the rooms, so that all our guests can try the special and unique range of blended teas that are ethically sourced and have plastic free packaging which also supports our sustainability pledge and taste great. 

Sweet Treats

Not forgetting the sweet tasty treats that are on offer locally. When in Devon you cant miss indulging in the sweetest of all Fudge. One of our local shops The Studio makes their own fudge on site and has several award winning flavours. It is freshly made and you can buy your favourite flavour or create your own mix box to take away.  The fudge is specifically made and they have flavours that you can't buy anywhere else such as Marshmallow swirl, blackberry and white chocolate , Cranberry and orange as well as the traditional flavours of Devon Clotted cream, rum and raisin and  vanilla. 

You can't come to the seaside without having an ice cream, We again have a couple of great local South West producers such as  Hockings dairy  North Devon Ice cream ( based at Appledore)  and Styles Ice cream from Minehead.  There are a large range of flavours and most are clotted cream based ( of course)  . Choices : not only do you have to decide your favourite flavour but also -the accompaniments from a waffle cone. wafer cone or tub, single or double scoop, then consider the additional topping options - original chocolate flake, sprinkles, or fruit or chocolate syrup or a scoop of clotted cream for the really adventurous.  Remember the calories don't  count when you are on holiday!!   A couple of the producers  even offer doggy ice creams which Quinn enjoys.

We hope by now your taste buds are tingling and you will be inspired to come and taste some of these fantastic produce for yourselves. Melanie makes every effort to support these producers and local suppliers to use when preparing all her homemade produce to share with guests.  You can always purchase some of these lovely tasty items for yourself to take back home and we hope they will bring back lots of lovely memories of your Longmead Stay.